Offers and Contracts

Offers and Contracts


The Buyers Perspective

  • Purchasing a home involves multiple parties:  Appraisers, Surveyors, and Home inspectors, etc.  The key to the entire process is the legally binding agreement between the Buyers and Sellers.
  • After you find the house you want to purchase, make your most reasonable offer and make sure you understand all the items included in the sale. Spelling out all specifics in the contract will result in a clear understanding at the closing.
  • Keep in mind that Buyers and Sellers can become emotional, feel slighted or offended if neither part makes responsible and realistic offers.
  • Information about crime statistics, state ratings for local schools, or the address of registered sex offenders are available online or through your Town & Country RealtorĀ®.

Guidelines for the Buyer

  • Your Town & Country RealtorĀ® will negotiate on your behalf.
  • If the Seller or their RealtorĀ® is present during your viewing don't give your personal opinions about the home or reveal any confidential information (i.e., motivation for buying, deadlines, etc.). Giving this type of information could compromise your negotiations.

If you have questions regarding any step of the buying process, please contact us.

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