Home Preperation

Home Preperation


When you sell your home,you want to receive the highest possible return on your investment. Here are some tips that will help you attract an offer and improve your negotiating position.

First, place yourself in the position of the person viewing your home.Your presence during a showing can inhibita prospective buyer’s perception of the home. You wouldn't want to be viewing a home with the owners hovering over your shoulder talking about how they picked out the carpet, fixed a light, or how their daughter just loves to climb the tree out back.Potential buyers need to be able to focus on the tangible benefits ofthe home rather than the seller’s sentimental value. 

Second, imagine viewing your home as a stranger.Is it neat and tidy?Does it have a pleasant smell?Is it open and inviting? Is it brightly lit? Are there obvious small repairs that could be done? Is the yard well maintained? Are the garage, basement and attic clean and organized?  A perception of uncleanness and foul odors are an immediate turnoff to viewers of your home. Overall, if you give your home a thorough cleaning, a fresh coat of paint and complete any lawn care including planting bright and colorful flowers. You will make a good impression. You want your home to be perceived as move in condition.

Shampoo any carpets and wax hardwood floors. Choose neutral colors with paint. Cut and edge your lawn and trim any hedges. It's also time to clear out your storage areas of unnecessary clutter. Home viewers are going to see every detail of your home so there are no hiding places for clutter such as the (closet, basement, and attic). Lastly, moving your car out of the garage will give it a larger appearance.

Lighting is important. You should consider purchasing a few inexpensive halogen lights for darker areas of your house. Remember a home should look clean, bright and uncluttered. Although it may be a lot of work, these things will help tremendously in the sale of your home.


  • Does the house look clean and smell fresh and clean?
  • What needs to be done to make it more appealing?
  • Does the entryway or foyer need paint?
  • Is the floor covering in the entryway in need of repair?
  • Does the carpeting need cleaning?
  • Are drapes cleaned and pressed?
  • Has the fireplace and hearth been cleaned?
  • Are there scuff marks or fingerprints on walls?
  • Does the kitchen floor covering require repair?
  • Does the bathroom floor covering require repair?
  • Do closet doors open and close easily?
  • Are kitchen appliances clean and shiny?
  • Are kitchen counters free of clutter?
  • Are windows clean?
  • Are blinds dusted?
  • Are plumbing fixtures polished?
  • Are fingerprints removed from halls and stairways?
  • Have stains been removed from sinks?
  • Has the oven and range been thoroughly cleaned?
  • Is the tile scrubbed and re-grouted if necessary?
  • Are closets neat, organized, clutter-free?
  • Has clutter been removed from halls and stairways?
  • Has the garage been cleared of junk and debris?
  • Do lights and switches require repair?
  • Are leaky faucets repaired?
  • Are the attic and basement free of clutter?
  • Are door knobs tight and working?
  • Is the entire house free of unpleasant odors?


  • Does the house have curb appeal?
  • What needs to be done to give it more appeal?
  • Does the exterior require a new coat of paint?
  • Do doors, windows, shutters and trim require paint?
  • Are gutters and downspouts unclogged?
  • Is lawn neatly trimmed and edged?
  • Are garden and flower beds weeded?
  • Are bushes, trees and shrubs trimmed?
  • Do lawn ornaments require repair?
  • Are light fixtures operating properly?
  • Are windows clean and unbroken (not cracked)?
  • Are screens clean and free of holes?
  • Is there trash or debris that requires pickup?
  • Are the roof, porch and deck in good condition?
  • Have grass and weeds been removed from walks?
  • Have oil stains been removed from driveway?
  • Do doors and windows open and close easily?
  • Is the entry way clear of toys, tools and clutter?
  • Are doorbells in good operating condition?
  • Are railings secure and painted?
  • Are pet areas clean and odor free?
  • How do swings and lawn gyms look?
  • Does garage door open easily?
  • Are yard tools put away neatly?
  • Are chimneys clean?


Do not do quick, cheap repairs. You may raise questions that will unfairly cause greater concern to buyers and inspectors.

To eliminate any undue risk, whether or not your home has a lockbox, you are requested to keep all valuables out of sight and put away.

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