Marketing Process

Marketing Process


The Marketing process starts when you meet your Town & Country Realtor®.We will guide you through what to expect and assist you throughout the process.

Your Realtor® will tour your property with you so that you can point out any important details about your home.  The more your Realtor® knows about your home, the better they can market your home.  WE recommend supplying the following information:  A current survey, current home inspection, if applicable, any state licensed appraisal, documentation of what improvements have been made and when as well as mortgage information.

When listing your home there are state regulated forms to be completed such as the Property Condition Disclosure. Copies of these various state regulated forms are enclosed, so you may be familiar with them.  The first form   is if you have actually lived in the home within the last three years, the second if you have not lived in the home in the last three years.  Most of the other forms just require a signature and date.  Your Realtor® will be there to answer any and all questions you have BEFORE you start filling out and/or signing any forms.  

After the paperwork is signed, a Town & Country Realty sign will be placed in your yard with your permission,and a lockbox will be added to your home. (See section concerning Lock Boxes).  Your home is stillsafe; the lockbox only allows a Tennessee Virginia Regional MLS Realtor® or a Southwest Virginia Realtors® access to the key. Your home will be on all websites within a 48 hours and your listing will be advertised in Sunday’s local newspaper as a “New Listing.” uploading time frame.  On the first Sunday, if submitted before the deadline, your home will be advertised in the local newspaper as a “New Listing”.  If it doesn’t meet the first week’s deadline, it will be in the following Sunday’s local newspaper, still as a “New Listing”.

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