Real Estate Lock Boxes

Real Estate Lock Boxes


Town & Country Realty is a member of the Tennessee Virginia Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Southwest Virginia Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which offers many services which include lockboxes.

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox is an armor coated metal box your Town & Country Realtor® will assign to your home.  It usually hangs on a doorknob, but can be attached to your porch railing, and/or outdoor water faucet.  The lockbox protects the key to your house and is opened by an electronic keypad or a MLS member smart phone device, which requires a PIN number.  For your safety and security, the lockbox records every MLS member who has accessed the box, and the time it was accessed.  The lockbox will not release your house key before 8 a.m. or after 10 p.m.

How is it used?

Your house key is placed inside a cylinder of the lockbox.  When a Realtor® has a prospective Buyer for your home, they will contact your Town & Country Realtor® to schedule an appointment for the showing. TheBuyer's Realtor® will use their keypad or smart phone to open the lockbox and obtain your house key.  After the showing, they will lock all doors and return key to the lockbox.  The use of a lockbox is not mandatory.  However, it provides great accessibility to your home by authorized Realtors®.

Is it secure?

Yes!  Only active members of the MLS are authorized to carry keypads or the smart phone devices to access the lockboxes.  Each Realtor® must have an active PIN number to gain access.  The lockbox records and notifies your Town & Country Realtor® who opened it each time it is opened.

To eliminate any undue risk, whether or not your home has a lockbox, you are requested to keep all valuables out of sight and put away.


While your home is listed with Town & Country Realty, your Realtor® will call you to make appointments for showings.  Agents from other MLS offices must call our company to make any appointments to show our listed properties.  If you are contacted by any agent or office staff from another company, please tell them to call us to schedule appointments.  This will ensure that your home is opened by a licensed agent.

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