Home Seller Tips

Home Seller Tips


Within 15 seconds a buyer will make an opinion of your property.  A well-manicured lawn makes a good first impression and you want to carry that impression throughout your home.  A perspective buyer should "feel at home" when they enter your house.  See Martha Webb's Dress Your House for Success video series.  These short videos will give you some good ideas to appeal to a wide variety of buyers.


Start From the Outside

Don't underestimate the importance of drive-by appeal.  Neatly trimmed shrubs and a clean walkway help make a good first impression.  Repair or replace damaged screens, glass panes, door hardware and other outdoor fixtures.

Invest in Paint

Fresh paint brings life to a dingy room and makes it more appealing.  Use soothing colors like white or other neutral tones.

Invite Sunshine

Open your curtains, shades or drapes to let in the sun and brighten the room.  Washing windows inside and outside to add sparkle to your room. To make the room more inviting, turn on lamps or accent lighting and replace missing light bulbs.  

Mend Minor Flaws

Check squeaky and hard-to-open windows, doors, door knobs, and drawers and make adjustments as necessary.  Ensure all your plumbing is in good working order, clean rust and soiled spots, empty trash baskets and deodorize pet and smoking areas.

Decorative Kitchens Can Sell a Home

Create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen with colorful curtains, towels and place mats.  Clear countertops of appliances and add plants or bowls of fruit.  Remember, prospective buyers will look inside cabinets, so organize them.

Blend Color and Convenience in Bathrooms

Remove clutter from bathroom vanities and cabinets.  Scrub the sinks, tub, shower, and polish mirrors and chrome, as well as the floors and walls.   Deodorize the entire area.  Decorate using nice towels, scented soaps or candles.

Living and Dining Areas Reveal Interests

Arrange the furniture in your living and dining rooms to create an open and inviting effect.  Straighten cluttered bookshelves.  Clean the carpets and polish the furniture and hardwood floors.  By adding a few logs in the fireplace, and magazines, books or flowers to the coffee table, you'll portray a comfortable and well-maintained home.

Family Rooms are for Relaxation

In family rooms, store games and sports equipment or arrange them in attractive containers.  Your goal is to eliminate the clutter.  Turn off all entertainment units and play soft relaxing music.  Place furniture in conversational groups.  Showcase books and magazines on tables or shelves.

Bedrooms Must Invite Rest and Peace

Remove excess furniture and unnecessary items to make the room appear larger, lighter and brighter.  Attractive and clean bed linens, with decorative pillows add peace and tranquility to the room.  Arrange nightstands to display books, plants and limited family photos.

Value Goes From Top to Bottom

Permit visitors to see the value of your property from the front entrance to the back and through the garage.  Remove unnecessary artifacts, and neatly arrange stored boxes and cartons.  Darker spaces may be lightened with new paint or additional lights.

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