Selling Process

Selling Process


At Town & Country Realty, we understand that you invested time building, purchasing, decorating, and maintaining your home.  Selling a home can be a difficult process that we have simplified for you with our innovative marketing and our vast network of contacts. Your home will appear on the best real estate website in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia Real Estate .... Listing your home with Town & Country Realty brings the real estate market to you.

Get in touch with a Town & Country Realty Realtor® for a customized marketing plan. Simply select an agent today to get started, or contact us.  We've outlined key steps to selling your home and your Town & Country Realtor® will be with you throughout the entire process.

1.  Prepare to Sell

Simple improvements can help you get the most competitive price for your house and sell it quickly. Our Realtors® assist with the sale of hundreds of homes every year and can help you focus your effort on the things that will make your home stand out to buyers. Don't put your home on the market before it is ready. Take a look at our and our home preparation advice

2.  Listing Your Home

Setting the right price to list your home at is critical to getting the most value for your home and selling it efficiently.  Sellers can control the "asking" price, but they don't control the "sales" price. Pricing the home based on what the seller wants is a costly mistake. Have your Realtor®  prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) to give you the facts and insight to set the right price. We offer a CMA free of charge, without obligation, when you work with a Town & Country Realtor®.

3.  Choose a Professional

A Realtor® helps you understand the selling process and gives advantages in selling your home. Their local knowledge of home values and their experience in pricing and negotiating are important assets in getting the most for your house. We take great pride in the full-time professional residential and commercial Realtors® associated with Town & Country Realty.

4.  Marketing and Networking

A combination of a solid marketing plan, targeted media exposure, and taking advantage of our powerful network of local and out-of-town buyers will bring the right buyers with the right price to your house.

5.  Offer and Contract

Your Town & Country Realtor® will present all offers to purchase your property (verbal or written), answer your questions, and offer opinions to allow you can make an informed decision to accept, counter, or reject a specific purchase offer. Negotiations will proceed until both you and the buyer agree on all terms and sign all documents. Documents will be sent to the title company where a file will be opened, title commitment, appraisal and property tax information ordered. Your Town & Country Realtor® will monitor the progress of the contract (i.e., inspections, buyers' loan process, repair issues, if any, title company requirements, etc.) until closing.

6.  Moving Locally, Nationally or Internationally

If you're moving somewhere else in or out of the area, let our Relocation Team make the transition easier. We help you sell your home, and find a comparable company with great service no matter where you're moving.

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